About Us

KLODGE is a company made up of young professionals experienced in the real estate sector.

We are specialized in property management and brokerage of short rentals for tourist purpose, making use of most advanced IT technologies and specific skills gained over years of experience.

We aim to preserve and enhance the potential of our local real estate market while making it accessible to a worldwide audience of visitors.

We are constantly committed to improving ourselves and improving the quality of everything we do, effort and passion are our main drivers..

KLODGE is an associated member of Italian Federation for Professional Real Estate Brokers FIAIP.


Short Rentals process

Letting for short periods requires flexibility, organization, time and above all a good dose of patience.

The management of short-term lettings by the owner has nowadays becomed a process that requires a high expenditure of energy and personal resources, sacrifices that often do not combine with work commitments or leisure time.

The operations to be carried out are manifold: from photographic production to reservations management, collection management, coordination of cleaning and supply / washing of linen, key delivery, preparation and signing of contracts, assistance during the stay, damage control at the end of the stay, registration of each guest's documents at the Police Headquarters and register for statistical purposes within 24 hours from the beginning of the tenancy. Only those who have ventured into this can understand the dedication necessary to manage their property.

Our management process

With our high-tech real estate management services we offer you the opportunity to enhance your property without the risks of traditional tenancy (late payments, insolvency of the tenant, lack of control over the leased property).

We rely on a mixed sales strategy that combines short and very short-term rentals with leases lasting more than 30 days in the low season, even taking care of collecting the rent on your behalf.

Multi-platform, payment handling

Short and medium-term rents therefore allow you to earn without risk, also thanks to revenue management and multi-channel visibility we can ensure maximum profitability and occupation according to market standards.

Our team will coordinate all the activities necessary and functional to the tenancy and customer assistance, from the end-of-lease cleaning to the inspection of the property up to the management of bureaucracy, payments and tax revenue management.

When the property is owned by one or more physical persons, you have the possibility to take advantage of the Cedolare Secca which provides for a rate of 21%. Since 2017, as required by law, Klodge is a withholding agent and applies a 21% withholding tax on your payments. However, when the property is registered to a legal person, we will not make any withholding tax.

Owner Area

Each owner has the possibility to manage the calendar of his property entirely independently, constantly monitoring the market trend. The centralized management of our platform in syncro with major OTAs, on the other hand, allows real-time booking and payments.

A powerful IT infrastructure

Such a complex management process makes use not only of a highly competent team of people but also of an efficient high-tech infrastructure, developed for us by our IT partner Avantio - world leader in the development of IT solutions for Property Managers.

Klodge is today one of the very few Property Managers in Sardinia able to boast such an advanced technological platform serving its Customers and Owners.

We have chosen to put the user experience at the center of our philosophy: each customer follows, thanks to our new website, a process of choosing and booking accommodation online which ends in a few clicks.

This is followed by an innovative process of Online Check-in that is at the same time easy, fast and safe, fundamental for increasing the perceived service quality and customer satisfaction.

For Investors

The ultimate goal is complete, efficient and profitable management, which focuses on your Homeowner needs and the experience of the end customer.

Always changing

Our management process is suitable for the needs of Investors, legal persons and real estate management companies who need a partner for the satisfaction of their profit maximization objectives.

The short rentals market is constantly evolving, therefore we are constantly looking for innovative management formulas to be submitted to our Homeowners, with the aim of maximizing the yield of the properties in compliance with local regulations.

Enjoy your time.
We take care of your home.



Your property will get worldwide visibility on our website and OTA partners



We estimate the potential income of your property and manage the payments for you



We relieve you of bureaucratic duties and pay income taxes on your behalf



Our staff welcomes customers and provide support through the stay



We provide you with our best assistance for small interventions and maintenance, we supervise the cleaning process to meet the best quality standards



Your property will be checked every time a customer leaves


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